Most Watched Sporting Events In The World

Sports events have always attracted a large audience, starting from the ancient Greeks.

Now, arenas with warriors have been replaced by stylish stadiums with high-tech technologies. Millions or even billions of people can watch live broadcasts of events on television or computer. The use of several dozens of cameras and the team of responsible people who manage them guarantee the showing of the most interesting and significant moments on the air. For this reason, many sports fans prefer to stay at home and comfortably enjoy their favorite game.


It is not necessary to deny the fact that there are more popular events in the sports industry than the other more local ones. Basically, the views depend on the advertising of the championship and its period of existence; sports events that are regularly held for more than a few decades are in great demand. The reason is also that some sports, such as football and basketball, are more attractive to people than others. However, do not underestimate matches with a small number of views. By the way, what are the in your opinion? Make your bets and read on. Below are the sports championships, which scored more than 1 billion viewers.



The event takes place a year before the FIFA World Cup and its goal is to collect all the champions from around the world. Eight teams are participating in the championship: winners of six continental championships run by UEFA, AFC, CONMEBOL, OFC, CONCACAF, and CAF; world championship winner and the host team. The last FIFA Confederations Cup had a 1 billion audience. The reason for the popularity of the event is in the desire of people to support their favorite team.


UEFA Champions League


Last time, the tournament received about 1.7 billion people in total for all matches. This is not surprising since European fans love the UEFA Champions League and very emotionally support their favorite teams. The event has been held regularly since 1955 and was previously called European Champion Clubs' Cup. The final of the championship is always unforgettable and both teams show incredible strategy and physical endurance of the players. An interesting fact, Real Madrid is the record holder for victories and has 13 successful tournaments.



This sporting event needs no introduction as even children study the Olympic Games in history class in school. There are summer and winter Olympics that are held every four years. Each time, the tournament collects about 2 billion viewers around the world. It is an honor for an athlete to represent the country in competition and fans actively support the participants. Statistics show that the most popular sports during the Summer Olympics are swimming and gymnastics.


It is also worth to tell about the popularity of the opening ceremony, which has no analogs in the world. NBC's statistics showed that more than 41 million Americans watched the show in London in 2014.


Tour De France


This 3-week cycling tournament is known worldwide and is very popular in European countries. It has been held for more than 100 years and has an interesting history that is the reason for such attention. The French channel, Eurosport does a live broadcast of every minute of the event, which looks very tense and interesting. The championship collects more than 2.5 billion views and is the second most adorable event in the sports industry. The last tournament had about 1.2 billion viewers of each stage.


FIFA World Cup


The championship rallies football fans around the world and is held every 4 years since 1930. People spend huge amounts of money to come to the FIFA World Cup host country and personally see the matches and support their national team. At the same time, the event collects more than 3.5 billion views of live streaming and makes even people far from football be interested in sports. Almost a third of all views gains The Cup final. In 2014, the match of Germany and Argentina had 1 billion online viewers.


This is an incredible statistic, which is not surprising because of the huge advertising campaign and the tournament collaboration with famous brands. Also, do not forget about the popular game of the same name.




As you can see, European football attracts the most attention among all sports and the FIFA World Cup is the undisputed leader in popularity. However, if you prefer to bet on sports and like small tournaments and local championships, you will always find a place for betting. The main thing for fans is to enjoy the game and support the favorite team or athlete.

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